Monday, April 27, 2009

More Charter Cable trouble

So once again, Charter cable is out. Or rather, all I get is a "One Moment Please" screen. This is starting to happen on a weekly basis now. What is really frustrating is there is no number you can call for support - they only have sales (and I don't see the point in upgrading when I can't get what I am paying (being robbed) for). It really makes me reevaluate why I am paying way too much for cable.


Umatter2Charter said...

Hello Pete,

My name is Eric Ketzer, and I am I Manager with Charter Communications. I am very sorry to hear your services are out, but we do have a variety of support options available. You can call 1-888-GetCharter, enter your phone number, and then when prompted press 3 for Technical Support. Also, you can go to and under the "Support" tab there is an option for "Chat Now" where you can speak to one of our eCare Specialist on-line. If neither of those options are suitable, I would be glad to look into the matter for you, just e-mail me at

I hope this information help, Eric

Lisa said...

Hey, you have a creepy stalker too!