Friday, March 27, 2009

Astra Cervus ex Machina? Really?!?

(For my TiVO friends, be very careful thinking about the title of this post ...)

One of my favorite shows came to an end last Friday night. It was a show I was reluctant to watch at first, but have come to believe that it was probably the best science fiction / soap opera ever produced for television.

I've read a lot of blogs from those who didn't like the ending ... many saying it went on too long after the climax. But I thought it was important to wrap up those storylines, and more importantly, tie in once again the themes of faith and miracles to the conclusion.

I was disappointed that one story thread didn't resolve - or maybe resolved a little too simplistically. I've heard rumors that there was more content written, but there just wasn't enough time to include it, so a quicker solution was had. Whether that's true or not, I have no idea. Yet despite my disappointment, the conclusion played in well with the over all themes of the show, and just added one more piece of hope and wonderment to an amazing show.

I hope the success of the show will inspire more studios to consider sci fi. I also hope that sci fi producers and writers will see what made Battlestar Galactica so successful, and emulate the storywrighting (and I mean wrighting) and commitment to production in future shows.